So you're the proud new owner of a set of GoodBands but dont know where to start.

Dont worry our movement experts have got you sorted.

They've picked out some movements and put together a simple routine using the GoodBands as our primary piece of equipment.

If you're ready to go lets start...

1. Warm Up

Before we start the workout routine we need to warm up our muscles so grab a GoodBand of a manageable resistance and lets get stretching

Perform each stretch for 20-30 seconds to warm up the muscles and prevent injury before you start exercising.

We recommend The Green GoodBand for these stretches

Upper body stretch

Lower body stretch

2. Upper body

Now we move onto the upper body muscles so your arms, chest and shoulders.

Were keeping it simple with four staple movements: The Chest press, Tricep extension, Bicep curl and Over head shoulder press.

Perform each exercise for 8-12 repetitions and do that 3-4 times over for each movement.

Make sure to grab a band with a suitable resistance that will allow you to make it through the sets and repetitions

Chest Press

Tricep Extensions

Bicep Curl

Overhead Shoulder Press

3. Lower body

Now its time to work out those legs.

We're going to go through a very simple lower body routine that will make sure to exercise all those large muscles in your legs.

Were going to do a variation of the Classic squat, Lunge and Deadlift that all use resistance bands to add to the difficulty and really work out those key muscles.

Again we're going to want to aim for 8-12 reps of each exercise for 3-4 sets, so make sure to pick a resistance band that allows you to do so

Dead Lift



4. Core

Contrary to popular belief your core consists of more than just your abs and does more than just look good on a beach.

A solid core is key in helping you with most exercises and movements you will do both inside and outside of your workout.

So focusing on the core is key because all movements start from a strong core.

Again we're going to go through a few classic core exercises modified to use the resistance band: Crunches, Cable chop and the Pallof Press

Again treat the core like you would your other muscle groups and aim to complete each exercise for 8-12 repetitions, 3-4 times over but again feel free to scale this up or down depending on ability.

We would recommend The Green GoodBand for these set of exercise


Pallof Press

Low to High Wood Chop

5. Cool Down

That's it's workout done, so pat yourself on the back and say well done for showing up and taking the time to take care about your health.

Every workout should include a simple cool down and ours is no different.

Here at GoodMovement we enjoy ending each workout with a short meditation.

Use this time to reflect and check in on yourself and see how your doing.

So its time to cross your legs, sit up tall, close your eyes, breathe in...breathe out...