The Good Mission

GoodMovement is the lifestyle medicine brand treating sports and exercise as preventative healthcare.

We create product that helps to reimagine our relationship with our physical and mental wellbeing 

Created by two brothers and team of creatives who shared a common goal to build a fitness brand that would inspire a new generation to proactively care for their overall wellbeing.

GoodMovement is the lifestyle medicine brand on a mission to make the world a happier and healthier place through exercise

We're reimagining healthcare and it starts with treating exercise like the wonder medicine it is.

We began as an idea between two brothers who wanted to make exercise not only more inclusive but more enjoyable.

Unhappy with the current state of the fitness industry and the messages we saw being pushed, we took it upon ourselves to build a brand we wanted to see.

With the help of some friends who shared our vision we took our small idea and created GoodMovement, a fitness brand for a new generation.

Our goal is to create product that encourages and inspires us to move more and think more about how we can better look after our overall wellbeing.

We're a people first, planet first brand that understands the health benefits of regular sustainable movement and we're building a company, around creating a community who share this idea with us

So stayed tuned because we have so many ideas for the future of GoodMovement and the role it can play in making the world a healthier place.

Peace and love,

Kachi + Micheal

Co-founders of GoodMovement 

Follow our journey for a better world on instagram: @goodmovement_co