GoodBands “The Purple Band”

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The Purple GoodBands 25kg

The first movement tool from the minds at GoodMovement.

Our founder was in the gym one day and was looking at a resistance band in the corner being unused and thought what if a company created a resistance band people actually wanted to use?

A few iterations and lots of slack talks later and we had created the GoodBand.

Resistance bands are great for a number of reasons, they’re super portable so can be used and taken pretty much anywhere.

They are versatile so they can be used for a variety of different exercises and more exercise leads to improved overall functional capacity, increased strength and endurance which has the knock on effects or improved body composition and quality of life 

And compared to a gym membership or other pieces of expensive connected gym equipment they’re pretty affordable meaning better for your wallet over all.

To us they are the perfect piece of exercise equipment one that allows everyone to get involved with exercise which is our goal as a company and  why we decided to make them our first product. 

We hope you enjoy using GoodBands just as much as we enjoyed creating them. 


The Purple GoodBands 25kg weight equivalent resistance 

Designed with simplicity in mind and positive movement at is core

Each GoodBands comes packaged in a cardboard storage tube 

Produced from 100% Natural Rubber Latex.

This product is certified GM for GoodMovement